Monday, November 4, 2013

Why Your Colors Change When Editing In Photoshop from Lightroom

It all began once upon a time in a far-away office. There was a tired photographer trying to get through piles of photo editing when the Lightroom gods decided to throw a big branch in the only road out of town, her is her story........

It began as any normal day. She sat down & was editing in Lightroom. Lightroom, the friendly sidekick to anyone wanting a quicker edit. It does almost anything you ask it to. But unfortunately it isn't perfect. Should you need to perfect something with a brush or do a little shaping here & there it cannot. That's when you must ask Photoshop, its mentor & big brother. So you right click the image after editing in Lightroom to take it to Photoshop's house & you get to Photoshop & you edit. When you get back to Lightroom you notice your picture looks sad. The colors look darkened & flat, with large color shifts. What happened? Here's the original photo:

The image below is the way it was sending the image back to Lightroom after editing in Photoshop. You can see it's yellow & icky. It didn't make it back from the journey unharmed.  

So I did what any human being with fingers & an internet connection would do when they have an unanswered question & I went to google's mega mansion up on the hill to get some damn answers. Many people suggested the color profiles didn't match up between the two places so I changed the color profile settings in both programs to RGB & still had the same problem. Being there is always 1000 answers & factors to consider for one question, I put together this checklist for you in case you are having the same problem as I did. What fixed it for me was switching to ProPhoto & 16 bit in both but there are several things that could be causing this so in case yours is that or something here's what to do:

1.  When your in Lightroom & right click the image, select edit in & then edit in Photoshop. It will pop up a window asking either two ways & the way to answer is either "Render using Lightroom" or 'Edit a copy with Lightroom Adjustments". If this option window doesn't show up you have previoously clicked "do not show again" sometime in the past & here's how to get it back....The Lightroom Queen "Resetting Your Preferences"

2.  Make sure the your color profiles are set up as Prophoto & 16 bit in both Lightroom & Photoshop. To do this go into Preferences in Lightroom (on a mac click Lightroom at the top of your screen & you'll see preferences & on a PC I believe you click File). In the preferences window  in Lightroom click where it says External Editing & make sure color space is ProPhoto & bit depth is 16 bits. In Photoshop you go to Edit & then click Color settings. 

3.  Note that if you use Lightrooms radial gradients or brushes to lighten areas of the picture before editing in Photoshop that when you bring it back the brush or radial edits will have to be re-applied. It doesn't save this part of your edit for some reason. If you know how to change this let me know maybe Im missing something.

4.  Make sure you have the latest camera raw plugin. Click this link to go to adobes site. Scroll down & click Proceed to download.

Hopefully this helps you guys! I know how frustrating some of the weird idiosyncrasies with these programs can be (like if you accidentally hit the caps lock button on your keyboard while in Photoshop the brush outline will disappear!) & how long I will spend sometimes trying to figure it out so hopefully this will save you a some time. 

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