Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Free Faded Film Action

In celebration of nothing but today I decided to make this action available for free. I have downloaded so many free resources from other blogs & sites & its time to give back. I really don't use Photoshop as often as I used to but the thing I do love about it is it's so great for getting really detailed edits. These days most of my stuff is bulk editing so Im in Lightroom but for Fashion edits or pictures that you want to give that extra something you can't beat Photoshop. This action is really easy to use & looks good on almost any picture have fun playing with it. I know I always forget but if you remember to, post a link in the comments to your edit with the action....its always fun to see how people use different tools. Click the button below to tweet or share to facebook & download

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All Hands on Deck Fashion Shoot

So here's a shoot I did with my friend Nick who models out of Seattle.

He had someone from a Fashion magazine tell him they were going to be doing a Black Issue of all B&W images & if he wanted to come up with something they'd look at publishing it.  It was a little last minute to meet the deadline but we ended up shooting with a sort of water & boat theme.

We shot a couple different ways so we'd have different feels to pull from; the other ones we shot were more artsy & moody. But I really like how these turned out, I wish they'd been published in color because a lot was lost converting them, but the point of the issue was that everything would be in B&W.

Next time Id like to do more then one outfit in all the pictures, but it was fun just shooting & being creative. Special thanks to everyone that came & helped with lighting & nearly getting blown away holding my 6ft reflector when the storm set in. I wish we had video of the torrential flood & my umbrella blown inside out with all of us trying to squeeze under for cover.

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