Friday, March 14, 2014

Woodland Wedding in Joseph

What an amazing time this was shooting! For starters we shot in Joseph which is the cutest little town nestled amongst a stunning backdrop of mountains. Then there's Dawn. She rocks. She's a perfectionist in everything she does & has great taste, so when she said she wanted to plan a shoot like this I couldn't wait to see how it would all come together. She has a sister company to her design business, called Johnny & June, which is what was used for the styling, florals & letterpress. The website & branding for that are going through an update & this was a great opportunity to showcase some of the things the site will offer like hand dyes silks & custom wedding letterpress suites. Unfortunately, no amount of rain dancing could deter the weather from its ultimate goal which was to dump ungodly amounts of snow on Joseph that day. Consequently we missed shooting the letterpress & cake as they got wet from the snow. 

We were so lucky to have such a fun & creative team come together to shoot. Kara who owns a bridal boutique called Serendipity Bridal hung out with us & helped move things around as needed. Gayutri & Fernando from LUX who always do such an amazing job drove up with me to stay through the day for hair & makeup. Erin & Jacob were our models for the shoot. Jacob had us laughing with his snow boots aka Safeway bags tied over his shoes. There's nothing more dapper then a man in a suit with plastic bags on his feet. He was so attentive & helpful with everything & I look forward to working with him again in the future. Then there was Erin who is possibly the sweetest girl I have ever met. She is unreal sweet. And to top it off she works at a sweets shop! After the shoot she invited us to go there (Arrowhead Chocolates) for some truffles & coffee. I will shamelessly admit to ordering almost one of each & taste testing a bite of all. How can you not when there's ones called Habenero Lime & Honey Lavender? 

So despite having to rush the shoot & make it work in less then 30 minutes & knowing next time there's a few things we would do different, Id say we got some pretty beautiful images. 

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