Friday, March 27, 2015

Random Things & Freebie Friday: Selena Gomez & Hipster Scenes


I know, this one kinda freaked me out too. And I know talent comes in all shapes & sizes so I dont hate but a part of me just really has a hard time relating to a song sung by Disney star. It's hard for me to focus on the beauty of the song without getting distracted by the fact she was a Wizard on a show my friends daughter used to obsess over. Maybe it's because it makes me feel old. Miley Cyrus makes me feel old. She was a goofy girl barely through puberty & now she's my age (since Im forever staying 23 of course).

So anyways I was watching Photography related Youtube videos & this popped up a suggested video & I have to say that I really appreciate the beauty of the way it was shot. And so from a cinematography viewpoint....I love. I don't know who made the video & Im too lazy to google it, but really, great job on creating something that balances simple, sexy, heartfelt, classy so beautifully.......(Oh & the song isn't so bad either)


Now this next thing is at first glance pretty awesome & comes off as more of a novelty but upon further inspection you realize that aside from becoming Iron Man on the weekend you could actually use this in practical situations such as:

1. Home Intruders. Why fumble with mace or a stun gun when you could throw flames instead? My suggestion? Start speaking weird & commence shooting flames at the intruder whilst looking possessed....Im pretty sure they will take a hike.

2. Feeling a mid life crisis or a need to do something exhilarating in life? Maybe sky diving's not your thing but you want to step outside the box? Well, how about a good old fashion round of tag except step it up a notch by making it flame tag. Forget paint ball guns, those are outdated technology. With flames you'll know when those cheating friends of your have been hit.


Step outside the box & try something creative with this tutorial from Phlearn using sparklers. Gels on your lights is a really simple way to add depth & creativity to your photos. 


This free art scenes generator from Noupes is about as good as it gets & they're giving the lower res version of it away from free. Worth noting, is that the high-res version is only $30 & worth just buying if you use this sort of thing for your designs or site. With all the time they put into it & the fact that it truly is one of the best ones I've seen with tons of variety & it's super customizable....$30 is a steal & worth supporting the creators. 

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