In this video Ill show you how to add clouds to your images & techniques for blending them to make them look real in your photo

If you don't know who Sue Bryce is I won't believe it but let's just say you don't, well get ready to have an amazing breath of fresh air breathed into your work that will forever change how you pose. She is so amazing I'll even say "The-Best" posing Photographer I've ever seen. I challenge you to find better.

Here's a quick tutorial I made on basic retouching for a fashion image. It goes over fixing shadows & highlights on face as well as correcting small skin imperfections:

Watch this behind the scenes of a professional as she shoots a wedding & see some of her techniques. I love how they are a little weird (totally me) & how much fun they have shooting because that's what its all about!

If you love high-fashion editorial style shoots as much as I do then watch this & pay close attention to the lighting setup. The great part is they show you the resulting picture so you can compare the lighting setup to the result you would achieve.

This guy is really cool & goes to show you can make awesome pictures anywhere with any equipment. I love how laid back he is & how dreamy the photo turns out.

Melissa Rodwell is one of my favorite photographers. She's successful & has never sacrificed being herself & keeping it real. Love it. Go on a Fashion shoot with her in this video 

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