So Im Ashley. For whatever reason fate brought us together, Im glad. Im just a photographer, mom, crazy dork, two-left-feet dancing, animal loving vegetarian who is trying to get through life with meaning & purpose. In addition to Photography, my first love, I enjoy learning & creating in graphic design & video production or really...I just love being creative & anything that takes me there gets my attention.  Check out my facebook for up to date photos, news & events or visit my blog, where I share behind the scenes from shoots, tutorials & free stuff I design & find around the way. I love fashion & music & sometimes I try a recipe so delicious it feels sinful not to post & share it with the world, so I might throw in an occasional post about that too. In my spare time I try to sneak off to Seattle & Portland as often as possible to shoot & network with other industry professionals. And when in Portland, a few hours must always be spent at Mcmenamins Kennedy School by the fire outside with some tea talking to strangers about life.  There's too much world to explorer & too many meaningful friendships out there waiting for us to not go find them would be a crime.  I grew up in Mexico with my grandparents who were two of the most amazing people a person could wish to know. They inspired me & taught me some of the most important things to life. My happy place includes memories of curling up on my grandmas lap while she drank her morning coffee in a robe & listening to my grandpa play on the guitar. Barra De Navidad was my first home in Mexico thanks to them but I also had the privilege of knowing & living in Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Chihuahua & Sayula because Im a wanderluster. You'll find a Canon Mark III in my bag, but I'm also learning film so that's another journey in my notebook. As an artist, I thought, what's more invaluable than understanding & appreciating the purest form of your craft? So I bought a Hasselblad & thanks to my super awesome favorite person & amazing friend Dawn Alderman, who bought a new camera so I could aquire her old one, Im also holder of a Mamiya 645.
So thanks for stopping by & stay in touch!


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