Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lake Kachess Ridge Resort Wedding

So excited that this Mountain Wedding started off as a quick courthouse elopement & ended up as one of the most intimate & emotional Wedding I've shot to date. Only a handful of guests attended ensuring it would be short, sweet & full of laughter & memories with everyone tearing up during the ceremony & after each toast. Congratulations to these two & their life together.  More photos to come.

Darylann + Randy

Monday, August 3, 2015

Oregon Wedding Photographer: Enchanted Meadows Forest Wedding

This was a lovely day that began with one of my dearest friends, Dawn Alderman, owner of John loves June. She offers Wedding planning and has some of the most beautiful wedding rentals you'll find in the pacific northwest.

We rose early to allow time for foraging wild flowers (a first for me) prior to the Wedding.  Available throughout the hillsides were abundant patches of queen ann's lace & fern. Afterwards several hours of flower arranging began which was also another first! And while I don't see myself becoming a full time florist, I'll admit that selecting the flowers and placing them with thought into the vases was a lot of fun.  Throughout the entire process the ability to appreciate nature and have some thoughtful mediation was quite nice.

After the flowers were arranged it was back to my camera as usual. Lukily, the rain decided not to impose itself upon the wedding and gave us some beautiful soft light instead through the clouds. Had I brought better shoes for trampling throught the dewy grass, the day would have been perfect.

The bride and groom were gracious and wonderful people. Their families and friends equally as wonderful as we spent the day photographing and being a temporary part of their family.

That's always my favorite part of shooting weddings. Im greatful to share in such close and precious moments. 

Venue: Enchanted Meadows

Wedding Planning, Decor & Flowers: John loves June

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Another Fashion Shoot in a Skate Park

Here's some from a recent fashion shoot shot in the skate park. And that is all there is to say other than that Im on my way out the door to go to a pirate party in the middle of summer dressed as a gypsy & its way too hot out today & I forgot to eat breakfast this morning. Hope your life is so full of excitement too. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Free Gold Confetti Download

I've been busy making cards for my Etsy store & in the process also learning how to make patterns and other fun things in Illustrator!

I thought I'd share this simple gold confetti pattern I made for the following card in case someone finds it useful for their design or project.

Have fun with it & would love a link in the comments showing what you used it for!

Cheers & all the best,


Monday, March 23, 2015

Learning to Shoot Film: a comparison of digital & film

Yes. The allure of film got me. The promise of the perfect exposure, of harmony between light & dark, with exquisite colors straight out of camera like never before sounded too amazing not to experience it for myself. 

So after having only bought a Mark III for the price of a kidney I felt guilty wanting to now buy a Film camera at a similar price tag. But luckily I came across a Hasselblad that a friend sold to me for an excellent and then ended up doing some trade work a Mimiya. And now, to learn.

Here is a shoot where we went out and shot on film.

Film was Fuji 400h and it was developed by Richard Photo Lab.

Unedited film scan where you can see the way the blurred area has movement to it

(Left) unedited film scan, (Right) film scan developed with a Fuji 400h Lightroom Preset

Fuji 400h film scan edited with a Fuji 400h Lightroom preset
Fuji 400h film scan's edited with a Fuji 400h Lightroom preset

And as a comparison, I shot the following images on my Canon Mark III.

They were processed with film emulating presets that you can find here

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