Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Portable Laptop Holder Review: share to 10 friends & a ghost will appear on your screen

All my thoughts on the the new portable laptop holder I bought on Amazon recently from TRIPAD. Will it hold your laptop? Is it worth the $34? Does it double as a chair for standing in long lines? These & other burning questions about owning a portable work desk that attaches to a tripod.

But first, an introduction....

I've been thinking of getting one of these for awhile but it wasn't an immediate need & with a lot of them priced at $100-300, I wanted to research wether I should go all out or not before making a purchase. There are some pretty fancy laptop holders with swivel arms & all the works, but ultimately I decided that this stationary, tripod-held work desk would work for now & if I end up using it a lot I can always upgrade...the beauty of Photography gear is that it holds its value...unless its a body like my Mark where I paid $3500 for the body alone & a little over a year later you can find them for $2000, #boo.

The main reason I wanted to get a laptop holder was for commercial photography, where they may want to see a preview without having to squint at your camera back & it's nice to be able to color correct & check clarity. Also I found this beyond helpful for Real Estate Photography as it allows me to shoot in live view on a big enough screen to really gage what the final picture will look like. Are the lines of the furniture or cabinets I like the angle....what am I cropping out or leaving in...etc. It's all much easier to see & decide on while looking at a computer screen.  Plus let's not forget the ultimate bonus of how legit you look with this bad boy...plays snippet from Iggy's "Your so fancy" song in own head.....ya....but really...shooting tethered rocks but not so fun if you have to carry your laptop around or have it on the floor, this is your solution.

Now watch my video & be amazed....

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