Monday, March 23, 2015

Learning to Shoot Film: a comparison of digital & film

Yes. The allure of film got me. The promise of the perfect exposure, of harmony between light & dark, with exquisite colors straight out of camera like never before sounded too amazing not to experience it for myself. 

So after having only bought a Mark III for the price of a kidney I felt guilty wanting to now buy a Film camera at a similar price tag. But luckily I came across a Hasselblad that a friend sold to me for an excellent and then ended up doing some trade work a Mimiya. And now, to learn.

Here is a shoot where we went out and shot on film.

Film was Fuji 400h and it was developed by Richard Photo Lab.

Unedited film scan where you can see the way the blurred area has movement to it

(Left) unedited film scan, (Right) film scan developed with a Fuji 400h Lightroom Preset

Fuji 400h film scan edited with a Fuji 400h Lightroom preset
Fuji 400h film scan's edited with a Fuji 400h Lightroom preset

And as a comparison, I shot the following images on my Canon Mark III.

They were processed with film emulating presets that you can find here

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