Monday, February 18, 2013

Playlist: Lana Del Rey

I spend a lot of time at my computer because of my Photography & while at said computer I often will listen to music....makes editing a lot more interesting. But I'll get in these moods when Im editing where I'll listen to a song over & over again & then Ill listen to it some more until I seriously never want to hear the song again. My husband used to get irritated before I got the studio because he was an innocent bystander & would have to listen to these songs along with me while in the other room....I did eventually get headphones to save our marriage for when Im editing at home but ya......

So since I listen to stuff a thousand times & then get over it I'm constantly looking for next song that's going to get me through all my editing. Recently Alex Beadon, another awesome Photographer shared a song from Lana Del Rey with me & it's awesome. The music video seriously has me in love & I've decided that every music video needs some Tigers & an American Flag to be complete.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What to Wear to Your Photoshoot: Client Styling

Ok so I made a decision today that Im going to spread out a bit in terms of content on my blog.  I cant just post pictures all the time or write about Photography, I love all things related to Music, Fashion & Food too! I also have a confession to make that Im terrible about keeping to a schedule so my posts will continue to be sporadic as I work that out but thanks for hanging in there!

There's so much going on in my life right now that's outside of my Photography  & a lot of it is fun stuff that I want to share with you guys.  I recently became Vegan for example, so cooking & trying new foods has been a big part of my days. No more cheese for this gal for a while. Its been really hard but Im going to give it my all & it has led me to find really interesting new recipes & ideas about how foods can be made. I've never eaten so much Kale & Quinoa in my life but Im glad, I never knew how tasty they were either because I was maybe eating a little too much BBQ Chicken & other tasty things to notice! You can check out all the delicious discoveries Ive made by visiting my Pinterest board here. If you are trying to lose weight & want to give up meat & cheese then watch Earthlings & you can meet me on the other side. but be warned you'll need tissue.

So since summers right around the corner & Ive been shopping & getting my closet ready for summer, I decided to do a post on summer fashion trends I keep seeing a lot of that are great ideas for styling your shoots or dressing clients! Im obsessed with Nasty Gal & not because I want to wear it everyday but because Im amazed at the stuff they come up with & I love seeing so many things from the 90' years ever! So needless to say most of this stuff is from there, you can go there by clicking here.

Here's some things you'll need for yourself & some points to hit when dressing clients:

1.   Shirt with a collar & details (keep it buttoned up all the way when you wear it & tuck it in)
2.   Pants/leggings/shorts with a crazy pattern & a bold colored top (or vice versa)
3.   Leggings that rock: crazy pattern, studded, faux leather, tribal, sheer panel or ponte stripes
4.   Sheer shirt 
5.   Leather & Lace outfit (lace corset with a leather skirt looks amazing)
6.   Denim & Chiffon (denim vest or jacket over a chiffon dress or top)
7.   Cutup levi shorts (bleached & ripped up) 
8.   A high low dress/skirt/top 
9.   Large gold jewelry 
10. Neon Colors (highlighter yellow is my fave)
11. Boots: Lace up military-style-faux-leather boots with shorts or leggings
12. Peplum shirt/dress/skirt
13. Corsets & bra tops for under sheer shirts
14. High heels: thick heels like back in the 90's or cutout wedges

And now in even plainer English:

1.  Have something that's Chiffon, Lace, Leather & denim
2.  Wear outfits with juxtaposition (opposites attract)
3.  Tuck it in & leave it buttoned up. You should look like your headed to Catholic school. 
4.  Find details on everything you buy...cutouts, studs anything that gives it edge 
5.  See through shirt & dresses with cropped/bandeau tops or embellished bras
6.  Gold is in, throw your silver in the cupboard with the Thanksgiving spoons. 
7.  High waisted & crop tops
8.  Maxi dresses & skirts

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