Monday, February 18, 2013

Playlist: Lana Del Rey

I spend a lot of time at my computer because of my Photography & while at said computer I often will listen to music....makes editing a lot more interesting. But I'll get in these moods when Im editing where I'll listen to a song over & over again & then Ill listen to it some more until I seriously never want to hear the song again. My husband used to get irritated before I got the studio because he was an innocent bystander & would have to listen to these songs along with me while in the other room....I did eventually get headphones to save our marriage for when Im editing at home but ya......

So since I listen to stuff a thousand times & then get over it I'm constantly looking for next song that's going to get me through all my editing. Recently Alex Beadon, another awesome Photographer shared a song from Lana Del Rey with me & it's awesome. The music video seriously has me in love & I've decided that every music video needs some Tigers & an American Flag to be complete.

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  1. Your friend Mike sounds like a swell duder..


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