Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All Hands on Deck Fashion Shoot

So here's a shoot I did with my friend Nick who models out of Seattle.

He had someone from a Fashion magazine tell him they were going to be doing a Black Issue of all B&W images & if he wanted to come up with something they'd look at publishing it.  It was a little last minute to meet the deadline but we ended up shooting with a sort of water & boat theme.

We shot a couple different ways so we'd have different feels to pull from; the other ones we shot were more artsy & moody. But I really like how these turned out, I wish they'd been published in color because a lot was lost converting them, but the point of the issue was that everything would be in B&W.

Next time Id like to do more then one outfit in all the pictures, but it was fun just shooting & being creative. Special thanks to everyone that came & helped with lighting & nearly getting blown away holding my 6ft reflector when the storm set in. I wish we had video of the torrential flood & my umbrella blown inside out with all of us trying to squeeze under for cover.

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