Thursday, May 8, 2014

Free High-res Cloud & City Wallpaper of Tri-Cities

I've been driving to Pendleton a lot lately to visit my friend & fellow creative Dawn & I always see the prettiest sunsets of the Tri-cities on the way back home. Mostly I just enjoy the view for myself because my camera isn't nearby & because I don't want my tombstone to read, "got creamed by a semi truck on the side of the highway trying to capture a sunset", but today I was feeling lucky & my camera was sitting on my passenger seat so I really had no excuse. I tried snapping a few out my window without stopping & I looked pretty crazy so when that didn't work I gave up & pulled over to get this. I was shooting with a 50mm so this is a cropped in picture to get closer to the good stuff & not have the road in the foreground. 

& I'm not even gonna lie I totally added in the fog because sometimes its fun to play with pictures but those stars are totally real...its this crazy miracle that happens only once every million maybe I put those there too. I hardly ever edit landscape or fantasy type pictures though anymore, so felt like having some fun with this one & since its not for national geographic what the hell. You can download it for free but you have to shamelessly promote my business name first.

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