Thursday, May 23, 2013

Playlist: Youngblood Hawk & Pacific Air

Sometimes I do promo modeling gigs on the side because it pays well, I get cool free stuff & I meet some awesome people. So when I heard Sperry was hosting a summer concert series at a bunch of Northwest college's & WSU was on the list of stops...I was super down to go & luckily got booked for the gig. It was a drive to get there but I figured Id make into a paid road trip of sorts & maybe get some awesome shots afterwards of the bands. 

Mehhh......imagine that horrible, you got it wrong buzzer sound there. I ended up working for not a very fun human being is the only way to describe it & it was freeezzzingg! It was ok when the sun was out but as soon as it hid behind a cloud I swear the temperature was polar. There was lots of free things to hand out & everyone seemed to have a good time otherwise. I ran the photo booth once they realized I was a Photographer. We had summer type props & it was fun getting people to do weird poses for pictures, including Pacific Air who stopped by. 

And while Im on the topic of Pacific Air....yes. They did not disappoint. The lead singer has the sexiest smooth voice you'll ever hear that reminds me of the Elvis days & his guitar player from San Diego was nice on the eyes too. If you get the chance to see them live do it. I've got some definite new favorites from them for my summer playlist. 

Youngblood Hawk was there too! They were like an Indie Brady Brunch only less people & more awesome. The lead singer had great energy & I ended up next to his mom who was in the crowd & she was so cool. I asked her if it was surreal hearing her son on the radio because that would seem so crazy to me (I have an 8 year old...I know I have a while to go but can you imagine?) & she said yes it was pretty crazy. She said she encouraged their musical talent & she has another son who is also a singer which was interesting to know. I want to be that sort of mom. Yes, I want my son to be successful & not live with me until he's 40, but I want him to find happiness & I hope I can always remember to encourage his creativity! So far he wants to be a scientist so but maybe he can be a drummer scientist why not.

Here's some of my favorite songs from the bands, check them out & if you have some cool music on replay share it in the comments, I love finding new music! 

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