Monday, November 11, 2013

Natural Light Maternity Shoot | Jessica

These days Photographers are making there way back to film shooting & natural light & its easy to see why. I have been learning lighting for a few years now & while I love using my lights to create some really beautiful depth in my images, natural light just can't be beat at times. When you want something soft & timeless you have to shoot natural light or be good enough with your  lighting you never know it was there. 

This first image almost reminds me of something I could have shot had I been alive in the 70's. Edgy & sensual & celebrating a woman's beauty in motherhood. She had a few other images she brought along of things she wanted to try too, so we did some pinup style ones as well. Its not something Id typically shoot but it was fun to push the boundaries & explore the possibilities. I think the few we got turned out awesome. 

The last images we shot, Jessicas son came along. This kid. He put up with a three hour long shoot & then didn't even need much direction when it came to posing. He was such a ham & would do so good in modeling. Some of those images are my favorites. It was so sweet seeing him snuggle with mom & be excited about his sister that's on the way. 

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