Monday, August 11, 2014

Beach Maternity Shoot

Rosa is one of those girls that you just envy. Thinking back to once upon a time when I was seems so long ago but the lovely memory of my angry bloated self is still so very visible. Think Godzilla, but if Godzilla craved chocolate milkshakes not humans. Pregnancy glow is something I thought must have been a big lie to get us to continue to procreate until I seen Rosa. We were sitting chatting for a good 45 min when she mentioned being glad to almost have the baby & I had a "Whhahhh?" moment & then laughed as I looked down. I told her she was a bad liar she was clearly only 5 or 6 months pregnant. "No" she really was going to have a baby in less then a month she said. Well it was clear to me that the pregnancy glow must be true & it would have to be documented to give other future moms hope that they too could look so good if they are lucky. Rosa's husband needs to be mentioned too while we are at it. Humble, honest & good natured guys are hard to find but they too exist ladies. Dont give up on the hunt, stay strong. Felipe is a total sweetheart & they are the cutest couple. Im pretty sure their baby is going to come out ready for the runway with the way both of these guys look. Congrats to two beautiful people & their joy to come.  

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