Friday, August 29, 2014

Chic Critique Magazine Cover

We had so much fun shooting this for Chic Critiques (click the name to check out their site) contest & almost killed a couple bikers in the process with our scattered gear but no one did crash & anyways beauty is pain right? Taking inspiration from Ralph Laurens classic & romantic style & blending it with Chic Magazine's more feminine & softer vibe along with the fact that it's a Fall issue & their theme was couture, we set off.  I knew I wanted darker lips to tie in the deep reds you see during Fall & a black dress to lend a nod to a more couture darker vibe & that it had to balance being a little more fierce with still being soft. Nalina Belefonte & I have some big Fashion projects coming up so it was also the perfect opportunity to go out & get used to one another. There were so many good ones from this shoot making it impossible to narrow it down to one for a submission but somehow I managed. For now I included one more shot below just for show & Ill post the rest later next week as I find time to finish the editing. So check back if you want to see more from this shoot.

In other news Im going to start shooting a lot more Fashion, have some awesome projects coming up I can't wait to share! This last year was a lot of commercial Photography & Weddings & not enough Fashion which got me thinking that it was un-acceptable. Ill allow myself to shoot other things but only if I leave room for what makes my heart sing. Glossy magazine covers & vogue editorials were my inspiration all those years ago for buying my first camera, my little Rebel. RIP little guy. Not sure what happened to that camera but it prompted me to get a 7D & later a Mark III & now Im working to learn Film, so needless to say lots of new adventures started from there.  

Also on a side note I've been working on creating some fun tutorials with my girlfriends which will be know as The Pinterest Housewives...we will put our little aprons on, drink some wine & burn food in the kitchen as well as test makeup tutorials & whatever else catches our fancy. Prompted by the constant irritation I feel after being duped by beautiful imagery of food on Pinterest that hardly ever tastes as good as it looks or by me wanting to try to get a little more creative with makeup by watching tutorials which never looks as good on my face as it does on the hot girl doing the tutorial. 

Anyways, I don't spend enough time with friends these days & so a little wine & some good times, why not? And might as well bring you guys along on the adventures. If you want to see the videos check out the channel here. We will begin posting end of Sept. 

Here's the image I shot for the cover with some text on there....had to make sure it would line up right & Im thinking that looks pretty rockstar what about you:
And a little teaser of what the rest of the shoot looks like. Gorgeous gorgeous. I want her stunning looks & captivating eyes, she is too much. Seriously though god, you went a little extra on her :  )

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