Thursday, December 4, 2014

Edit Digital to Look Like Film

Here's a quick video tutorial where I edited an image I took to look as close to Film as I could get. The thing about film & trying to emulate it is that it's hard. Lol. That's all. Watching this will give you an idea of my process & why I moved a few of the settings but ultimately you'll use some of this as a guide but depending on what camera you shot on, whether you shot in Raw or Jpeg, what lens you used & what colors are in the image etc etc etc, it will be different.

In this case I took the image as the sun was going down, we were running late getting to the location, my lights weren't firing because the triggers...well, they love to do that to me when I'm in a hurry & also everything else that could go wrong did. No big deal. I had talked my friend into coming all the way to Guadalajara to shoot in the first place, spent money on the dress & a ticket to get there & like 10 other things lol.

In a perfect world, I had planned on using my light with some warm gels to mock the sun setting behind her & then bounce that same light coming from behind her, off a white reflector in front of her to brighten her face. But anyways, the end result was ok & everything is a learning experience!

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